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Okay everyone, this one's important.

    Green Party Congressional candidate Dorothy Shieber is running in the 6th District here in PA. Well, she's trying to. To get on the ballot, Dorothy had to collect ~1000 signatures. She collected over 4000. But, the Democrat candidate (who decided to run AFTER Dorothy!), Lois Murphy, is having the signatures challenged in court, in order to keep her off the ballot. Dorothy is a 63-year-old low income grandmother, who is running a campaign with almost no money. The lawyers can keep this challenge in court until after the election, so it's critical we stop the pending lawsuit now!

So why is Lois Murphy afraid of Dorothy Shieber and the Green Party?
    Murphy has the money and the political bosses, but Dorothy Shieber has the ideas and the creativity. Shieber stands for clean money politics, health care as a right, civil rights for everyone and an open and vibrant democracy. No wonder Murphy wants Shieber off the ballot. There's no way she can compete with Dorothy Shieber's ideas.

Here's what I want each and every one of you to do. It'll take like 60 seconds.

    -> Call up Lois Murphy's campaign office at 610-917-8400 and tell whoever is there that Lois should have the case dropped. Don't buy any business about "she isn't the one filing" or "I don't know what you're talking about". Make sure they get the message that these kinds of lawsuits have no place in a democracy, and that if Murphy wanted the lawsuit stopped, it would be.

    Please do this, everyone. Seriously, it'll take 60 seconds (you don't even have to live in PA!). And tell your friends to as well. We're making a big push for this tomorrow (Monday) but we'll need calls all this week. If you can, post a comment once you've made the call. Thanks a million, LJ buddies.

-Patrick St. John
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